Monday, November 2, 2009

God Cares About the Little Things

Last month my wonderful husband told me that he just loved it when our daughter wore a bow in her hair. Her haircut is very plain and having her hair put up with colorful ribbons draws attention to her beautiful face and carefree smile.

This was the beginning of a dilemma for me.

At the time we only had a few very small bows and some sad, worn-out ponytail holders to decorate her crown. Feminine hair accessories are rather expensive but they would definitely be put to good use. I set my mind to work and used some extra grocery money to purchase three very sweet hair accessories. But two headbands and one clip would not be able to be used for every outfit and every occasion. She would soon wear them out or get them dirty and I would be in a pickle.

I assured myself that I could make bows for her very inexpensively. But the costs began to accumulate in my head. "All the ribbon, clips, wire...if we did this slowly we could have a nice selection," I reasoned.

This is where I always get myself into trouble. I plan before I pray. It's a weakness and God is working on me. I find myself so full of great ideas that I often think I can figure things out on my own without consulting Him or anyone else. How foolish! God loves it when we trust Him enough to bring our every desire, complaint, and dilemma before Him. He delights in this type of interaction because as we draw closer to God, He draws closer to us.

But God already had His own perfect plan on how to answer my prayer before I prayed it. He had already seen our "need" and found a way to meet it. He also knows my frugal ways. He understands my desire to live according to His provision, trying to be content with simple living. With all this in His view, He is always in the business of lavishing us with every good thing.

I am happy to purchase most of our clothes at two of our favorite thrift stores. We also get very good used books, sports equipment and toys there for super, bargain prices. "Perhaps I could find the ribbon there," I planned with myself. "I could even keep my eye out for clips that could be transformed into something lovely."

The next thrift store trip I made I couldn't believe my eyes. God did not give me what I thought I needed to make things happen myself. He led me to find something even greater. He is truly amazing in all the ways He treats His children to the best gifts!

There laying among all the stuffed animals and stacks of baseball cards was a huge plastic bag of mint condition hair bows, headbands, and clips. I would never have been able to make anything comparing to this variety and quality.

The entire bag was $2.50. I almost started crying right there in the store. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!

I believe that God cares about princesses and ponytails and pink ribbon, too.

And He cares about me learning to pray before I plan...and to ask believing that I will receive. Nothing is too small for God. If we can't trust Him with all the little things, then how are we ever going to trust Him for the big things?