Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today was a great day in so many ways. I wanted to share it.

My oldest son cleaned the kitchen tonight without being asked. He really did a great job of putting away the leftovers, cleaning the stove and placing everything in its place. This may not seem like much to some but it's amazing around here. He turned 13 this spring and it would seem that I was losing touch with him. It was as though he was an add-on to the family instead of an integral piece. But he is coming back around to the family ways by the grace of God. His sense of belonging and loyal responsibility is growing. It has been a challenge at times. His emotions and passions are extreme. Would you expect anything less from the son of a drama queen and her artistic musician husband? With all humility and a desire for the greater glory of our Lord we are drawing nearer to Him together.

My second son took the swim test at the local pool today which allows visitors under 8 to dive off of the diving board. He not only passed the test with no problems but he dove off of the diving board into eleven feet of water again and again and again. He was elated. I am so proud of him for accomplishing this without any official swim lessons. He's not very daring by nature so this is a thrilling advance in his willingness to try new things and push himself beyond his comfort zone.

My oldest daughter was obedient today. When I asked her to get dressed she did it cheerfully and completely the first time I asked. This is not always the case and so I praise the Lord for allowing her to grow in her obedience to her parents. As I spend more conscious effort expecting my children's instant and cheerful compliance they grow more comfortable meeting and exceeding my expectations. They are joyful and energetic children that love to please their parents. With God's help we will continue to inspire such loving-kindness.

We also harvested our first produce from our community garden plot today. It was a bright yellow crookneck squash. Squash is not my husband's favorite vegetable but I know that it will be a meal enjoyed by our entire family. We have all worked so hard together preparing the soil, planting good seeds, feeding the soil and plants with organic food. We have kept the weeds at bay. We even tried our hand at organic composting. That is why the harvest is so cherished.

Our harvest of family responsibility, character development, obedience and squash have made today amazing in my eyes. I am in awe of how God loves me so much to allow me to reap bountifully what He has helped us sow. He is a good God.