Monday, August 10, 2009

Quiet Time Part IV

This is a continuation of my promise from God described in Quiet Time parts I, II and III.

Everything my God and my husband were revealing to me lined up with my understanding of God’s statement to me about how I was offering Him my bare minimum. Remember I was requesting a personal promise from Him when this Quiet Time journey began. Yet I didn’t even fully comprehend what His Holy Spirit was already doing in my life according to Ephesians 3.

For God to fulfill my greatest desires He wants me to perceive that with which He has already blessed me. For me this means that when I operate in His power that works in me I will see Him do exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think.

I need to fully give Him all my time, talent and treasure to see Him working. He is not asking me to give to Him so He can destroy it and make a burnt offering. He doesn’t desire for me to live a life of poverty, lack and boredom. He just wants to be entrusted with managing and directing the use of all of my time, talent and treasure.

The width and length and depth and height of His love is big enough to encompass my days plans and my hearts desires. But He doesn’t just want to surround my life. He desires to be intimately involved in my every moment. He is not interested in setting up a perimeter around the width, length and height of my life to love me from the outside. His Holy Spirit dwells in me to operate through me. That is why He designed me with talents and provides me with treasures to be used while operating in the fullness of God.

He wants to be the overseer of my time and daily schedule. He wants to supervise my talents, skills and abilities for His glory. He wants to control my treasures so that they don’t control me. When all things are in His hands they are perfectly balanced.

I thank God that He gave me this promise. And I give Him all glory and praise for encouraging me to submit this word to be held up to scripture and godly counsel. I thank God for developing my understanding of this word so that I might seek Him and know His fullness.


  1. Beautiful posts, I love God He is so good and faithful. I just "stumbled on your blog while lloking at couponing sites, very inspring, and convicting, thank you. I selected anaonymous because I am quite computer illiterate and di not know what to choose in the "comment as" section. My name is Mary Hebron, wife of Kip, mom of Andrea, 20 yrs old & Bethany 14 yrs old. God bless you!

  2. Mary, thank you for your comment. It is interesting that you used "inspiring" and "convicting" in your writing to me. I will soon be sharing an interesting conversation I had with my husband on those exact words! Hope to see you back soon.