Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quiet Time Part I

One discipline the Lord is developing in me is the skill of listening to Him during prayer time. I have never spent much time practicing listening to God. He is usually pretty clear about His desires for me. He has been good to reveal His will to me through His written Word and promptings of the Holy Spirit followed swiftly by words of confirmation.

While working on my current Bible study, Draw Me Near by Nancy Douglas, I was reminded that God has some covenants with all mankind, some with selected groups of people, and still more promises that He makes to individuals. This morning as I completed my lesson I felt that the Lord desired to have me actively listen and wait for a word from Him. This is how that went with the parenthetical comments being my inner thoughts.

“Lord, I am dedicated to listening and waiting for Your promise for me today.

You are so good to speak to me throughout my day. (I can stop sitting here now and go about my day’s work. He’ll probably speak to me while I’m doing dishes or folding laundry.)

I know that you, God, can give me answers in dreams and visions. (Maybe I should go back to sleep and get my answer that way. God knows I’m tired and He gives peaceful rest to those He loves according to Psalm 4.)

*A total of 30 seconds has elapsed since this “quiet time” began.

You really want me to wait, don’t You?

Lord, please clear away anything in my heart that is keeping me from hearing Your voice clearly. (I am trying to give it all over. This is hard. You know I should really blog about this because my thoughts are getting in the way and it’s pretty funny to think that I can’t shut up long enough to listen to the Creator of the universe.)

(Just stop talking. Don’t plan out how this is going to be a great story. You asked Him a question now let Him speak.)”

He did speak. And that is a post for another day. But I pray that my pitiful example of listening will inspire you to consider if the Lord is asking you to listen for a change.

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